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The Securities Registrars Association of Australia Inc (SRA) provides a forum where members comprising registrars, stockbrokers and other securities industry participants discuss issues related to the industry.

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The SRA assists in the direction of the securities industry in Australia by making submissions to statutory authorities such as the Australian Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

The Association also produces a Recommended Procedures and Forms Manual which provides guidance for registrars, stockbrokers and other securities industries participants.

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Association you may contact the Secretary or download the Application Form, complete and mail to the Secretary together with your subscription.

All members are invited to attend regular discussion meetings which are held in all States of Australia on a regular basis. Members are also kept up to date with current industry changes and details of discussions taking place at each State meeting, in the monthly Newsletter.

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The Association welcomes your constructive feedback on this website and on the procedures or forms provided as this can only lead to a more efficient industry.

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