Capital Raisings

The requirements relating to capital raising vary depending on a host of factors however, the general principles are well defined in the CHESS Procedure Guidelines and it is recommended that these be read in conjunction with the SCH Business Rules, ASX Listing Rules and the Corporations Act.

One area that is not covered is the design and format of acceptance/application forms. Some recommended formats are included in Forms 18 to 22.

It will no doubt be necessary to make additions or deletions to the forms to suit each circumstance, however it is recommended that designs remain as close as possible to the original formats.

For larger public floats and issues, the use of scanning equipment for barcodes or other information may be utilised to process completed forms. This will necessitate some changes to the format eg:

  • Special inks that are not recognised by scanning equipment
  • Areas to be completed by securityholders would have boxes denoted by shading instead of lines

It is suggested that the following additional information is requested on capital raisings applications:

  • Tax File Numbers

Refer to FORM 18

Refer to FORM 22

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