Change of Address


It is recommended that all securityholders be made aware that it is necessary for them to promptly advise any change of address to the registry of a company in which they hold securities for certificated or issuer sponsored holdings OR to the controlling broker or non-broker participant for all CHESS holdings.

Registrars should encourage companies to incorporate these requirements within routine communications with securityholders. e.g. Securityholder information page within annual reports. This is to ensure that all notifications and dividends are despatched to the correct address.

All notifications of change of address should be correctly signed and include the following information.

  • Name of the company in which the securities are held
  • Description of the securities which are held
  • Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) for Issuer Sponsored Subregister holdings or Holder Indentification Number (HIN) for CHESS holdings
  • Registered holding name
  • Old address
  • New address
  • Signatures of all securityholders

Notifications of change of address received by registries from registered securityholders of Issuer Sponsored Subregister holdings should be accepted when:

  • An original signed notification is received.
  • The notification purports to be signed by the holder.
  • In the case of joint holders, the notification purports to be signed by all of the joint holders.
  • The notification is signed under power of attorney, and the original or a certified copy of the power of attorney has been sighted.
  • In the case of a company, the notification is signed in accordance with the company's constitution and the Corporations Act or by the company's duly appointed attorney or by an officer of the company on the company's letterhead.

The acceptance of photocopied and facsimile advices is considered to be at the discretion of the registry or issuer. e.g. A facsimile of a proxy form received with a change of address notification is generally acceptable. Conversely email advices are generally not as yet acceptable, please refer to the specific share registry to confirm acceptable change of address notification procedures.

Should an advice be received which does not conform with the above requirements, the registry or participant should forward a standard change of address notification form for completion and return by the securityholder.

It is recommended that all changes of address of securityholders be acknowledged to the old address using the Australia Post approved green bordered envelope. For security reasons the acknowledgement confirmation should not contain the SRN/HIN. ASX Listing Rules provide that acknowledgment of a change of address must be sent to the securityholder's old address.


CHESS Subregister Change of Address

Most changes of address for CHESS subregister holders are dealt with by the holder's controlling participant. However, any changes of address notified directly to a registry by a CHESS subregister holder must be redirected to the controlling participant for authorisation through CHESS.


The controlling participant, be it either a broker or non-broker participant must instigate any changes to the holding direct to CHESS. Once a change to a CHESS holder's registration details is authorised, all company registries upon which that holder has a current balance are advised of the change. The holder records should then be automatically updated in the registry computer systems.

Should a notification be incorrectly forwarded to a registry immediately prior to a record date, it is unlikely that the holding details could be amended prior to the extraction of details for the mailing of the corporate action. In these instances it may be appropriate to inform the controlling participant that the corporate action documents will be forwarded to the previous address.

All changes made to the registration details of a holding, including those made to the CHESS subregister, should be examined by the registry to ensure they appear to be in order and comply with the CHESS and SRA standards. Incorrect holder details may result in delays or non-receipt of correspondence by securityholders.

Any irregularities detected by a registry in an address details change to a CHESS subregister holding may require clarification with the controlling participant.

Refer to : Form 3 "REQUEST FOR CLARIFICATION OF REGISTRATION DETAILS" and to and to ASTC Business Rules requiring reply from participants within 48 hours.

CHESS Settlement Operations will only become involved when the registry cannot resolve the query with the controlling participant. Registries should follow up all changes requested in this manner to ensure that the holding details are correctly amended.

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