Correct of the Registered Name


Where a registered securityholder's name is to be changed resulting from marriage, deed poll, election under current laws or divorce, a written request from the holder quoting the SRN together with a certified copy of the relevant document evidencing this change should be lodged with the registry. For certificated holders any securities certificates bearing the former details must be returned.


Where a company securityholder changes its name, a certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of Change of Name should be lodged with the registry together with a written and signed request, from the Directors, for a change of name quoting the securityholder's SRN. For certificated holders, securities certificates in the former name must also be returned.

Correction of Incorrect Registrations

Where it is found that an error was caused by the registry, the error should be corrected with reference to the original source document as evidence of the error, without the holder being required to complete any further documentation. For certificated holders, it is essential that all securities certificates with incorrect details are returned prior to correction.

Where a change or correction to the registered holder name is to be processed for an Issuer Sponsored subregister holding the SRN must be quoted.

For any error in registration details one of the following options should be used:

These correction forms should only be completed where there is no indication of any change of beneficial ownership.

It is recommended that the same SRN be retained following the correction to any Issuer Sponsored subregister holdings. This will avoid possible registry problems with the unintentional loss of existing standing instructions such as, tax file number and dividend plan or payment instructions which could result if a new SRN was allocated.

Any name changes to holdings on the CHESS subregister must be arranged by the controlling participants directly with CHESS Settlement Operations.

The same guidelines should apply to any other changes to CHESS holding details.

NOTE: Any securityholder with a CHESS broker or non-broker participant sponsored holding must forward any correction advice direct to the controlling participant and not to the company registry. Should a registry receive documentation relating to a CHESS holding it must be forwarded to the controlling participant.

Refer to : Form 14 "DOCUMENT FORWARDING"

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